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​When you take the hand of one of these children through sponsorship, you will be directly impacting their heart and mind as well as their now, hope-filled future. The cost is $38.00 a month and each child will have 2 sponsors. 

The sponsorship dues go to the following care needs of the children: 

  • Boarding and School Fees

  • Medical Care

  • Meals 

  • Uniforms (shirts, pants, socks, dresses, skirts, shoes, Class Wear

  • Letter writing materials

  • Postage 

  • Transportation to and from school during the holidays 

  • Care and keeping during the holiday breaks 

  • Hygiene care                                                                                             

  • Mentorship Program - 3 Facilitators needed to help with the following: Spiritual and physical guidance (hygiene care, Feminine hygiene and education – Becky will help with this, body boundaries, healthy body image,​helpling  them with awareness of strengths and desires) Educational guidance (tutoring, necessitating the needs of the kids who are senior level in their studies) and more. Letter writing help.

LETTERS are a very important part of this ministry. Your child will take great joy in getting a personal letter from you! PLease note that younger children will need helpfrom and older student, teacher or other adult  when writing to you. You can send photos, stickers and other flat, lightweight items like bookmarks, postcards, coloring pages, maps and mazes. Tell them about yourself, your family, pets, jobs, favorites, or adventures. PLease be sensitive to their situation where having their basic needs met is a cause for celebration for them. Encourage your child. Ask them questions. Tell them you believe in them! Support them in their growing relationship with Christ. And let them know they are loved. Having a sponsor is life changing for these children and can alter the course of their lives forever.

During the school holidays (three separate months out of the year) your child will return to their beloved Pastor and family and will also be able to visit with any existing relatives. Our intent is to keep families together and simply join hands with them in the care and keeping of their beautiful children. 

We hope and pray that you will choose a child to love and support. Use the papypal button on the I Choose You!  page to begin your sponsorship. Thank you!

The kids all have different backgrounds and stories. Many are totally without parents or relatives to support them. Some have a living aunt or grandmother who are unable to provide even the basic necessities for them. The children have been under the dedicated care of a pastor and his wife who live very humbly themselves.  They cannot possibly afford to educate these kids as education in Uganda is not free. They live as a family on the Pastor's small compound complete with grass-roofed huts and an open fire "kitchen. Their days are spent tending  a garden for food, drawing water from a filthy water source that is used by cows and humans alike, and they sleep four and five to a mattress or on the dirt floor. Everyone works together to bring in wood for cooking , keep the compound swept clean and make the long trek for water. They've been together for years and their bond with each other is strong. They are a family.

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